Paid Advertising (PPC)

Maximizing Your Marketing Dollars!

Case Study:

Company:  The TieMaster

Goal:  Reach

Outcome:  Clicks to Website

Ad Spend: $500 for 7 days

Results:  45007 Impressions

                 26972 Reach

                 795 New and Unique Visitors

                 1033 Link Clicks

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is changing the way businesses can reach their audience. Using Facebook Pixel, we can now laser target where are ads go, and use data to make sure every marketing dollar is being maximized.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Google is the k of the search engines. It’s not even close. So why wouldn’t you advertise on the search engine that 75% of people on the Earth use when searching online. PPC ads allow us to jump to the top of a search query, even if your website doesn’t rank on the first page.

Let People Know Who You Are!

Our Process

1. Client Inquiry

This is where we find out what the exact target market we are going after is. A consultation will allow us to find out the perfect audience to target for our Ad campaign. Not everyone is your customer.

2. Audience Selection

Once we find out from our client the perfect customer, we can go out and begin to build ads that target that audience on Facebook. By narrowing down the target audience for our ads, we can create ads that will get these leads to engage and click.

3. Ad Creation

Creating an ad that works is an art. Tailoring the ad to our target audience will mean more eyes and engagement?with our target prospects. This becomes easier because Facebook will do most of the work for us, and only provide the best audience to create a following.

4. A/B Split Testing

Once the ads are up and live, it’s time to test to see which ones are winners and loser. We run split testing to see which ads are getting the best results. We stop the ads that are not performing and begin a new series of split testing with the winners until we find the one or two ads that are simply gold in bringing?in the most traffic and leads.

3. Pick Winner and Maximize

Once we have our golden ads, we maximize our ad spend for these high performing?ads. Using analytics?that Facebook’s Pixel provides gives us the best opportunity to increase sales and profits for our clients.

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